why we need your help

Because a better life and we need your hand

We have a positive and inclusive culture that permeates through to every part of our organisation.

This is to ensure we have a happy team on board Feed Our Homeless, a team who are all committed to the quality of our work and who support each other to create a dynamic and professional environment. This helps us not only to maintain volunteers who are contented and proud of where they volunteer, but also happy and satisfied service users. It’s not just our volunteers who buy into our organisation but our service users to.

All our volunteers are happy with their role and know they are valued, respected, have support, and also training within our organisation.

Our view at Feed Our Homeless is that our volunteers don’t just volunteer for us they volunteer for themselves too. We want our volunteers to be their own person and work with everyone in the organisation on equal terms, everyone has a say at Feed Our Homeless.

Some volunteers will be more qualified than others, but our view is we’re all in this together to help and support people on the margin of society directly affected by homelessness.

We also believe that our volunteers are the most important part of our organisation.

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